Animal Specialist – Breeding and Reproductive Specialist / Shelton Land and Cattle Ltd. (La Salle, CO)

Animal Specialist – Breeding and Reproductive Specialist sought by Shelton Land and Cattle LTD to work in La Salle, Colorado.

Job duties: Develop, implement, and oversee effective animal breeding, reproduction, feeding, housing, sanitation and/or parasite and disease control of animals and related animal health programs. Establish animal reproduction protocols including animal servicing, artificial insemination, heat, synchronization, and related breeding procedures/protocols to evaluate animal reproduction needs, and improve genetic composition of the dairy animals. Stay abreast of and apply research developments in the genetics, nutrition, reproduction, growth, and development of farm animals; research and apply animal selection and breeding practices to increase production efficiency and improve animal quality; and recommend products and techniques to could enhance animal production efforts. Utilize Dairy Comp 305 software.

Requirements include: BA in Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, or Dairy Science; and 1 year experience as an animal scientist, animal breeder, manager of dairy cattle delivery, or Animal Specialist – Breeding and Reproductive Specialist; and working knowledge (1 year’s work experience) in administration of medications, disease prevention, vaccination, and artificial insemination of dairy cattle. On-call requirement, daily.

The offered salary range for this position is between $45,000 to $65,000 per year. Employer offers benefits including health insurance and paid vacation.

Interested applicants send resume to: Shelton Land and Cattle LTD, Attn: HR, 23043 Weld County Road 42, La Salle, CO 80645 and reference job #7637-IRD.