Job Title: Project Manager

Employer: Nordic PCL Construction, Inc.

Work Location: Denver, CO and other unanticipated locations across the U.S.

Job Description: Manage, supervise, mentor and train 50 plus professionals and tradespeople assigned to project to construct buildings. Work with superintendents in establishing major construction work plans and engineering methods, and safety and environment plan. Ensure safety and environment plan is followed; modify and implement safety and environmental practices, policies and procedures. Serve as leader in understanding project and contract requirements; communicate requirements to team, and hold team accountable to requirements; ensure project profitability; enforce contractual responsibilities; ensure project is completed in compliance with contract requirements; resolve disputes; complete risk assessment in estimating process and manage estimating process; manage QAQC, analyze quality requirements and create and implement quality plan. Complete project staffing and organization; chair and minute project meetings; assess trends and create action plans, training solutions and policies in regard to managing general construction; implement project execution plan; analyze labor and equipment production and optimize performance on an ongoing basis; plan for contract close-out including occupancy, commissioning, and maintenance and warranty manuals; implement temporary facilities including electrical/water; and execute job start checklist. Prepare, maintain and forecast budget and cost-control system; handle change orders; and liaise with accounting and payroll department. Negotiate, write and issue subcontracts and monitor progress; manage subcontractors; prepare and verify progress of payments to owner and subcontractors; liaise with owner, designer consultants, subcontractors and public; prepare project status and risk reports; and complete other related responsibilities. Apply knowledge of construction project budgets, work plans, engineering methods and project-specific safety plans. Utilize Oracle P6 Professional, Egnyte, and Sharepoint-based software for document sharing and collaboration, and proprietary software in carrying out responsibilities.

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering; Construction or Engineering Management; Mechanical, Structural, or Electrical Engineering.

Experience Requirement: 5 years as Project Manager, Field Engineer, Project Engineer and/or Project Coordinator (can be 5 years’ combined experience in these roles) in construction of commercial or large residential buildings.

Special Requirements: Functional Expertise (at least 2 years’ experience) in the following during construction of commercial or large residential buildings:
• establishing/assisting in establishing work plans, engineering methods and project-specific safety plans;
• developing/assisting with budget on building;
• and in Oracle P6 Professional, Egnyte, and Sharepoint-based software.

Additional Requirements: On-call required for emergencies. May work at other unanticipated locations across the U.S.

Interested applicants send resume to: Nordic PCL Construction Inc., Attn: Kory Woolley, 2000 S. Colorado Blvd, Suite 2-500, Denver CO 80222. Ref job# 8086DB.