Graphics Software Engineer – LunarG, Inc. (Fort Collins, CO)

Graphics Software Engineer sought by LunarG, Inc. to work in Fort Collins, CO and other unanticipated locations nationwide.

Job Duties: Design and develop 3-dimensional graphics software across platforms for use in medical imaging, games, self-driving cars, and other 3D applications. Analyze needs and software requirements to create designs and evaluate feasibility; develop programming tools with Khronos Vulkan API; code, test, and debug software; and modify existing software to correct errors, adapt to new hardware, and enhance performance. Design, develop and modify software systems, including working with data to understand system capabilities and requirements. Develop and direct software system testing and validation procedures, coordinate software system installation, monitor equipment functioning to ensure specifications and prepare documentation of procedures involved. Understand and troubleshoot issues to optimize software performance. Utilize GFXReconstruct, C++, Vulkan API, Direct3D 12, Python, Vulkan Validation Layer Architecture, Vulkan Synchronization, Windows-VisualStudio, Linux, Android, GLSL, github, Open-Source Development, and other tools, technologies and languages in the development process.

Requirements include: BS in Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Science; and 2 years of experience as graphics software developer/engineer or game developer; and working knowledge (6 months’ work experience or 1 training or post-secondary course using) of C++, Python, GLSL, platform development skills in 2 of the following: Windows-VisualStudio, Linux, Android. Remote work may be allowed from anywhere in the U.S.

Salary range of $75,000 to $130,000 per year. Employer offers benefits including paid time off based on years of experience; monthly allowance for medical, dental & vision insurance; LTD, STD & life insurance.

Interested applicants send resume via email to: Reference job #8120KL.