Data Analyst

Data Analyst sought by Eastern Wyoming Community College District (DBA: Eastern Wyoming College) to work in Torrington, WY. 

Job duties: Analyze and disaggregate institutional data to support the college administration. Collect and interpret data and analyze results using statistical techniques. Design and produce reports, ensure data and reporting accuracy, and ensure the timely completion of projects and deliverables. Design, implement, and use a variety of surveys, evaluations tools, statistical tables/charts, reports, spreadsheets, presentations and memos. Develop institutional research studies, build linear regression models, and develop KPIs for collegiate strategic planning. Create dashboards to monitor student performance and find and visualize trends in the data. Create and identify data features through use of data management tools and data analysis tools. Identify errors in the database and maintain a high quality of data. Utilize Exploratory Data Analysis, R, Descriptive statistics, Statistical inference, Predictive analytics, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), SAP Business Object, Colleague, Tableau and other tools and technologies in the completion of duties. Drug screen and background check required.

Requirements include: BS in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Information Management/Information Technology or a related field; and working knowledge (6 months’ work experience or 2 post-secondary courses) of: Exploratory Data Analysis, R, Descriptive statistics, Statistical inference, and Predictive analytics. Drug screen and background check are required.

Interested applicants send resume to:  Reference job # 8322FX.