Operations Analyst

Operations Analyst sought by Radar Relay, Inc., to work in Denver, CO. Conduct research and analyze cryptocurrency tokens (financial products) to improve platform to offer exchange of cryptocurrency tokens in a secure technological manner. Research and analyze current cryptocurrency markets and available cryptocurrencies, including each token’s utility, economic foundation, functionality, and security; formulate mathematical and simulation models; validate and test models; conduct qualitative analysis and summarize financial and trading metrics of offered and potential tokens and related products; prepare reports and present the results of mathematical modeling and data analysis to management; and recommend specific tokens for consideration for exchange. Maintain and manage offered tokens including structural-functional changes; examine regulatory controls of considered tokens; and stay abreast of financial regulations to ensure compliance with respect to offered tokens. Collaborate with marketing team by providing analysis and research results regarding function and utility of tokens; work with other teams to identify technologies to support current and future platforms; and analyze security and functionality of supporting technologies. Apply knowledge of financial markets and products, financial regulations and trading metrics in carrying out responsibilities. Requirements include: BA in Economics, or BS in Economics or Finance; and 3 years of experience conducting research and analyzing financial markets and/or financial products; and functional expertise (at least 2 years’ experience using/applying) of financial regulations and of trading metrics of financial products. Interested applicants send resume to: Radar Relay, Inc., Attn: HR, 3461 Ringsby Ct, Suite 405, Denver, CO 80216. Reference job #8596GJ.